Teachers’ pets are superior students, people

Jacob Dugar, Editorial Editor

  Greetings, inferior peers. It is I, the best of the best, Sir Jacob II of House Dugar! I am here to show you why teachers’ pets are truly superior, both mentally, and socially, to you pathetic mortals.

   First off, I should begin this by saying that everybody in Newspaper is certainly a teacher’s pet (TP) to at least one educator, so this editorial is absolutely not biased at all.

   The first positive of being a TP is how it affects you academically. As such, you are able to get first dibs on being an aide for your favorite teacher. This allows you to spend an hour a day for your senior year with the adult that fits you best.

   In addition, you are much more likely to get a letter of recommendation if the teacher likes you. A good one will allow you to more easily get into the college or get the scholarships you want.

   During class, you might be allowed to leave to run some errands for instructors, even if you aren’t their aide! This will let you miss the less enjoyable parts of class.

   You may even get pity points on your assignments because the teacher likes you, or you may even be able to persuade them into extending the due date for you, if not the entire class.

   Speaking of persuading your favorite instructor, a TP is occasionally granted the power to lower the load of homework that their class, or even their grade is assigned. This is possible by using your charm and the bonuses provided to you because of your position. However, this is a very special ability that should not be abused.

   TPs also have the power to distract their teacher, as they are the favorites of all the students. All that is required for this process is an adult who isn’t in the mood to teach and a basic knowledge of what he/she  enjoys. From there, you just have to mention it and get a conversation rolling, therefore delaying them from teaching anymore.

   When you are a TP, the instructor doesn’t care what you do, as long as you aren’t disrupting class or ignoring your homework. So because of this, you are able to just sit in class and vibe.

   Finally, every Friday TPs often get a special treat. Whenever the delicious popcorn is delivered to your favorite teacher, there is a very good chance that they will share some of it with you. However, this is only an option if you are belong to the superior class of students known only as the Teachers’ Pet.