Staffer shows benefits, requirements of Disney competition

Brylee Huber, News Editor

This coming Spring Break, I will be spending four days at an event called the Disney Dreamers’ Academy.

   I am going to talk about my experience and the details of the contest so that other Burlington students might apply.

    This is a completely paid trip for the winner and a single guardian to Disney World where we will be a part of career searches, prized games, and networking activities.

   Costume designers from the Marvel movie Black Panther are just a few examples of people who will be public speakers at this event.

   Personally, I am most excited to speak with Disney Imagineers, the people who design the theme parks, cruise ships, and other tourist activities, for that is my dream job.

  For everyone else, as I said, there is just about every career option available to learn about.

   During the four days, the 100 kids who were selected are split up based on an interest survey we had to fill out, and we will have more direct conversations with top professionals in our dream fields.

   Aside from career, the days will be filled with scavenger hunts around the park, time to ride rides, and a graduation where we will receive custom Disney class rings. They also asked for my shoe size, so I guess I’ll find out what that is when I get there.

    Most of the information can be found on the Disney Dreamers’ Academy website, but the process of being chosen is not.

   It starts with a series of six essay questions, one of which was “If you could go anywhere with a camera and capture just one moment, what would it be?”

   My answer was that I would climb to the top of a tower and take a picture of peoples’ faces as fireworks went off.

   They were all like this, but, because the contest has over 15,000 kids applying, there is a very strict word limit. For two of the questions, the maximum amount of word was 200 characters. That included letters, spaces, and punctuation.

   It may seem as if that is a positive thing, but having such a limited amount of words makes it difficult to truly express yourself.

   Luckily, the application did not require a transcript, and it did not ask what my gender or race was, so it was completely based on the answers to their questions.

   Letters of acceptance are sent to the 100 chosen kids in December, and after that, it is only more essay questions.

   There were 11 questions for what was called a “Deep Dive,” and there was no limit on words. I wrote quite a bit, but it was more of a way for them to get to know the 100, so it wasn’t required to be a certain length.

   If anyone is interested in applying next year, the website is open for applications from March until October. There is also an Instagram group able to help.

   All I ask is that no matter if you think you can get it or not, try to apply. I never believed I would get it, but here we are, and it would be awesome if Burlington had a tradition of students getting into this program.