Staffer gives advice on texting females

Mckinley Anderson, Sports Editor

  One of the biggest problems that guys have with girls is texting. It is not that they do not know how to text; it is only that they do not understand what girls mean by what they say.

   Sometimes girls will say something when she means the complete opposite. If a girl says, “Okay,” then it means okay.

   However, when she stops spelling the word out is when you are in trouble. If she says “ok,” depending on the girl, it could actually be okay.

   However, for me and many girls I have talked to, it is not as good a sign as “okay” would be. If a girl says “K” or “k,” you might want to apologize or find out what is wrong because I can tell you now that she’s mad.

   Here is where it gets serious. If she says, “k” with a period you better run. Delani Nichols says, “If I put a period in there, you better know that I’m really mad.”

   The fact that it is lowercase is a bad sign, but then she put a period after it. She is extremely mad, but doesn’t want to tell you.

   Another thing is if a girl says, “I’m fine,” she’s not fine; ask her to hang out, and then you can see what’s on her mind. You could also just talk to her about what is wrong over the phone, but be careful what you say if it’s not in person.

   If a girl says, “It’s whatever,” it’s not just whatever. You better fix whatever you did to make her say that.

   Sorry that there are only a few tips in here for you guys, but if you have questions, just find me or any other girl and ask. I am sure they will tell you more than what you want to hear.