Enthusiast shares reasons to start running

Seth Jarvis, Editor in Chief

You know, I really love running. I think it is an excellent activity for both entertainment and health. Here is why I think  you, the reader, should start running.

   Now, I know it can be very hard to get started. Running can be very tiring and painful. It can be very difficult to just get off the couch and go for a run, but once you get started, I guarantee you’ll feel better. The pain will disappear the more you run. You just have to get into the rhythm of it.

   You should start out by running a distance that you think is appropriate to your current physical status. If you’re not in shape at all, maybe start with a mile and gradually take it up. If you are a little in shape, maybe run a mile and a half or two.

   The distance you choose should provide a challenge. However, you definitely should not kill yourself. There is no use in running five  miles when you have barely ever run before. You have to work your way up to something like that. The only way to do that is to work hard and keep putting in miles.

   You also might want to mix up your workout a bit as time passes. Maybe you decide to do a mile warm up, eight 200 sprints, and a mile cool down.

   Fartlek runs are ones where you go at one pace for a little bit, then speed up for a little bit, and then  slow back down. Workouts like these help add a little diversity to your workout schedule and physically help you a bit differently than easy runs.

   Core work and weights can also help you on your journey. There are plenty of different workouts listed online that you can try out along with running training.

   As time passes and you get into the habit of doing all this, it may start to become an essential part of your day.

   For me, my runs are a time for me to relax a bit and forget about all the stresses of life for a little while. They also provide me with a challenge to complete for the day.

   Who knows; you may even love it so much that you want to compete. For me, this is the best part. If you’re good at it, you should give competition a try.

   So, in the end, you should definitely try running. It can keep you in shape and make you healthier.