U.S.A. in need of reformation: suggestions, opinions

Seth Jarvis, Editor in Chief

   I think it’s time for America to be reformed. It’s had a good run for the past 1,776 years, but time has caused this great land to enter into an unfortunate state. Here is my plan to completely change the United States.

   First, the name of the country is a little old. I think it needs to be spiced up just a bit. We are the Land of the Free, so why not have a name that reflects that? I think it should be called the “Grand Universal Free Republic of America.” That is a long name, so it can be simply referred to as the Republic, if necessary.

   Next, we need to get rid of the states. They are lame, and they hold up progress. Instead, the country should be split up into 873 commonwealths. A commissioner will be appointed by the national government to run each commonwealth. Town and cities, however, will still have governments elected by the people.

   Our government also needs changed. The whole three branch system has gotta go. It is corrupt, redundant, money-driven, and inefficient. I propose that we have two branches of government.

   The first section of government will be the People’s Branch. At its core is the Senate of the Universal Republic. Each commonwealth of the country will get one senator to represent it. The Senate has the power to do what the executive and legislative branch do in our current government.

   The head of People’s Branch will be the Supreme Chancellor of the Universal Republic. This office is basically a combination of the President, Speaker of the House, and Majority Leader of the Senate. The power the Chancellor has shall be so immense that it’ll be unbelievable. It will be so cool, guys!

   The second branch will be the Grand Council of Judges. These 13 judges will represent 13 different regions of the Republic. They have the power to overturn any legislation passed by the Senate. However, the Senate can resist this with a two-thirds majority vote. The Chancellor also is the one who appoints the judges.

   The Grand Council has supreme legal authority over the country. No one is safe from their judgement.    

   It is their job to make sure that no dangerous ideas become popular in the country. They are the defenders of our liberty and they’re the only ones that can save the Republic from the failure of the old United States.

   Also, the Grand Council can change election results if they feel the people chose wrongly.

   In addition, every single adult will have to complete two years national service to become a citizen.  They can either join the military or give themselves up to the “National Service Organization.”

   If they join the NSO, then they will do all sorts of difficult jobs. It is after this period of service that they will be able to vote. Hopefully, after they go through all the trials of this period, they will understand the value of their ballot.

   Finally, in the Universal Republic, everyone has everything they need. There is no racism. There is universal healthcare and free college for all. There will be a freedom dividend of a 1,000 dollars a month for every citizen of the country.

   As you can see, this is the perfect America. It may be a little less democratic and the people living in the country may have no rights after surrendering themselves to the state. Despite this, there is literally no way this could collapse into tyranny.