Teen prepares for worst case

Zach Garner, News Editor

   As I think back on what this new year has brought, I see a new chance for me to make huge changes in my life and take control of what I have not over the past years.

   As I was sitting in the Newspaper room, I thought to myself, What can I alter that people will notice about me?

   Then it hit me. I could show up to school with all necessary items needed to survive the zombie apocalypse.

   This includes the zombie starter kit, zombie makeup if I feel a little rowdy, and enough fake weapons to hoard off the entirety of Afghanistan.

   In the starter kit, there would be an axe, some water, snacks, and a first aid kit.

   The “Kahoot” theme would be playing 24/7 on a 10-hour loop. It would hold off any person with a low tolerance to meme music.

   I don’t know where I was going with this, so were just going to stop right there.

   So thanks for listening to me ramble.