Students give suggestions on improving school, town

Brylee Huber, News Editor

  All towns and cities have things that they wish they could change, and Burlington is no exception. The Cat Tracks newspaper staff has compiled a list of things that our town needs.

   First of all, in our school, there is a class focused on broadcasting technology. They record school and town-related news, but their videos are never seen.

   A solution would be to play these broadcasts during lunch periods, so the students who recorded them do not miss out on having their work seen.

   There has also been a great want for water bottles to be sold at lunch. Many students don’t actually like milk, but they have few options if they don’t bring their lunch.

   Selling water would allow students to continue using the bottle throughout the day, and a lot less milk would go to waste.

   Also, more waste could be avoided if the leftover food each day was packaged by a club (that needs a service project) and given to low income students each day. Whether others know it or not, there are many people at BHS that this could help.

   The final school-related item on the list are the bathrooms. At the moment, both male and female students complain about the overall quality.

  The girls would like to see the Art Club paint the stall doors, after they are replaced by ones that actually lock.

   The boys, however, don’t even have doors to replace. Many would like to be able to go to the bathroom in private.

   The town of Burlington also has a few things that should be different, and a majority revolve around downtown Neosho Street.

   Every year, more and more small businesses close, so we would love to see more support from the community.

   If you have never been to The Quilt Shop, or you get your haircut at the Emporia Walmart instead of one of the local barber shops, we ask that you give these places a try.

   The teens of Burlington would like to see more places for entertainment as well. If they want to go bowling, see a movie, or go roller skating, they have to drive at least 35 minutes.

   Since teenagers usually barely make minimum wage, and have hardly any spare time, a local place to do these things would be immensely helpful.

   Finally, we agree that there should be more community-wide events like town picnics and festivals. They could serve as fundraisers for the town, and the money could go towards making downtown Burlington more enjoyable with landscaping and more shops.

   Our town may be small, but that doesn’t mean it has to be overlooked. There are many things that we can all do to change Burlington for the good, so we should go out and do it.