Staffer talks about man-caused, common female insecurities

Mckinley Anderson, Sports Editor

   Men do many things to make women mad. We all know that. Most things even make women insecure.

   One of the biggest things they say to upset us is that we have gained weight or we look bigger. If we have actually gained weight, trust me, we know.

   Another thing is when they talk about how attractive other girls are in front of you. Like… hello, we’re with you, so you should talk about us.

   This one is just a hint of advice:  never tell a woman that what she’s doing is a dumb idea. Also, NEVER, I MEAN NEVER, tell a woman she is wrong.

   You will not survive the week if you go that route. She will literally hate your guts because girls are always right.

   Also, we don’t like being a girl one week every month. Do not ask them about it.

   We get emotional a lot. If we are going through a rough time, don’t ask us why we don’t smile. You should know why we don’t smile if you care.

   The last thing is never bring up her past insecurities. If we are being completely honest here, once you have an insecurity, it usually doesn’t go away.

   I hope this has helped you guys out. If you’re reading this don’t go changing your whole personality for a girl because there’s someone out there for you. I’m just giving you some tips on keeping her when you get her.