Anxious citizen shares WWIII insights

Emmy Furman, Editor in Chief

The year began with a bang when talks of a possible World War III stormed Twitter and other social media platforms.

  Most can agree that the memes over this were pretty funny, but is a war in America’s near future seriously possible?

   A war between Iran and America could be plausible, but not an all- out World War III. Tensions have been growing between the two countries since we took out their top military leader.

   In President Trump’s speech, which was given on Jan. 8, he informed the public of the two missiles fired by Iran that ended up not killing any American soldiers. I heard they were defective; one actually crashed into a bathroom.

   This act was done to retaliate at the U.S. for killing that general, and no one was hurt, but does this mean war is improbable?

  Yes, but not impossible. As most Americans know, Trump definitely does not like to keep his ideas to himself. I mean really, who let this man have a Twitter? Anyway, his Tweet over destroying Iran historical sites was highly inappropriate.

   Whether or not we go to war with Iran, destroying historical and holy sites in Iran would be considered a war crime.

   If America decided to go through with destroying these places, then war would definitely be happening between America and Iran.

   Let’s hope common sense prevails.