Nuke war aftermath is terrifying

Seth Jarvis, Editor

   Nuclear war is something that utterly terrifies me. With the single push of a button, our entire world would be changed forever. Here is what this war would do to the planet.

   Before I begin, we need to look at the scale of this war. This will be a  full-scale Atomic War between Russia, NATO, and China. Here are the after-effects of such a conflict.

   In a battle like this, the goal of each country will be to completely obliterate their opponent. Bombs would fall on major cities, universities, military bases, and nuclear plants. The goal is to return the other side to the Stone Age.

   The war will be over in just a few hours, and it will change the world more than any conflict before. Hundreds of millions will be dead, and hundreds of millions more will be dying. Basically every single city in the northern hemisphere will have  been disintegrated by a bomb.

   The weapons would kick up an immense amount of radioactive dust into the air. Soon the toxic dust will fall back upon the Earth, covering much of the planet in a dangerous layer of poison. This is called nuclear fallout.

   It was recommend by the government during the Cold War to stay underground about two weeks after a bomb to avoid the radioactive fallout.

   In the days after the war, massive  fires will rage near places where bombs were dropped. These fires will release toxic amounts of smoke into the atmosphere. The smoke will block out the sunlight, causing temperatures across the globe to plummet.

   Crops and plants all across the planet will die from the lack of sunlight. Animals would die from starvation. This will happen all across the planet. In the coming years, famines could kill millions across the Earth.

   The people left alive will now be facing some serious issues. Food cannot grow in this new world, so millions will die of starvation. Those living in the northern hemisphere would probable be better off moving south  to warmer temperatures.

   Countries not hit by any bombs, have a whole bunch of new problems now. The world economy would be in total collapse. Food would be in short supply, and many countries will not have access to the same resources they used to, due to the war.

   Over the coming weeks, many countries will begin to destabilize. Countries like Venezuela, which are already not in the best of situations, might face total collapse. There would be plenty of civil wars, coups, genocides, and so many more terrible things the coming years after the war.

   Despite this, civilization, while broken, will continue to survive, at least in the southern hemisphere. In the northern hemisphere, civilization probably wouldn’t recover, given that just about everyone living there will have died.

   I’m not trying to stir up fear of hysteria with this editorial. I just wanted to go over some of the basic after-effects of such a terrible war. It is important, however, to recognize the threats that our world faces.