Student shares his insight on remaining level-headed

Zachary Garner, News Editor

   How important is keeping your cool? When can your cool be taken away and pushed too far? That’s what I want to figure out.

   I always feel that some people are always calm and collected, but if you push the right buttons, they can snap at you. So the limit is different for every person.

   My limits are reached when someone says the same thing over and over again. I have snapped at some people, and it takes a while for them to talk to me again.

   I have also known people who are just bothered by you talking to them for the first time.

   I notice that these individuals normally take time to come out of their comfort zone and have conversations with new people.

   As well, I have messed with others when it comes to conversation, like starting random topics and seeing if they’ll talk to me. Most of the time,they will laugh and start talking about it, but it’s still awkward for both parties.

   We humans are awkward enough in interactions, but talking has always been a huge problem.

   My freshman year of high school, I went to an assembly and sat by one of the new kids.

   I had never talked to him before, so I took the chance to have a little chat with him.

   He told me that he wasn’t interested in having a conversation, so I kept pestering about it.

   I pushed him so far that he yelled at me in the middle of the principal talking, and I was really scared I would get in trouble, so I stopped.

   I’ve learned from my experiences and try most of the time to not push people to cross the line.

   This is Zachary Garner, reporting from BHS on the topic of keeping your cool. Back to you at the station.