Staffer runs her ‘Big Mouth’

Emmy Furman, Editor in Chief

   “Who’s Big Mouth?” asked Mrs. Loucks. Well, the new season of “Big Mouth” is out, and you already know I watched the entire season in one weekend.

   We can all agree that the second season of the show was the best so far, but did the third season top it?

   The answer is no. Do not get me wrong; the Florida episode on the third season was hilarious, but nothing could top the planned parenthood one.

   I asked people about their opinions on “Big Mouth,” so here is a collection of their thoughts on it.

   “It is funny and all, but I think it oversteps some boundaries that should not be stepped over,” said junior Allie Schneider. She did not enjoy the third season as much because she believed it was misinformed on some subjects.

   A lot of fans of “Big Mouth” can agree that it is very entertaining and has a lot of humor in it, but the show also has educational scenes in it as well.

   Senior Delani Nichols says, “‘Big Mouth’ is educational because it teaches about depression.”An example of this is when Jessie cannot find herself being happy when all of her friends are doing just fine.

   Overall the show teaches about disorders, and many other subjects that teens in our generation have going on.

   Until the fourth season of “Big Mouth” comes out, I am now done making my editorials into a Netflix review column. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.