Removing Mondays could benefit everyone; obstacles can be solvable

Caedon Berkenmeier, Sports Editor

   Have you ever needed that extra day off of school? Time away from education could benefit students in many ways.

   Mondays would be a great day to exclude from the schedule. This would include all school systems except daycare.

   Most school events such as sports usually do not occur at the start of the week. If there are JV games, then it is possible to still have the players meet up and go compete.

   Sports could still have practice on Mondays if they would like. It would be just like how we have practice on inservice days.

   Many students also hold jobs during the school year. This would give them another opportunity to get a day of work in. It will allow them to make more money to put into their savings account.

   Another day off would be a great work day for students. They would be able to complete more assignments and projects without as much stress.

   As for the teachers, they could have a day to get all of their lessons together without having to deal with students. They would have better planning time, and in result provide the students with a better learning environment.

   The janitors and cafeteria ladies could be given a clean-up day. The janitors could freshen the school up and take their time doing so. The cafeterians could have a deep clean of the kitchen and prep their menu for the week.

   Parents could benefit by this by having their children do things around the house. The kids will be given more responsibilities of having a part in taking care of their house. This will teach them lessons for once they are in college.

   Mass daycare could be scheduled, this providing money for high schooler sitters.

   Also, students could take part in more community service activities. This would allow our town to grow in a positive way.

   If the kids are all caught up in everything, then they can use the Monday for a relaxation day. They would be less stressed and worried on the first day of school.

   However, school would have to go longer into the summer, but an extra day off every week would be worth it because we aren’t all farmers.

   Mondays off would be good for all and possibly make students want to come to school more. They may look forward to their education because of a decrease in anxiety and stress. This could also increase their focus during classes. Thus imroving academic grades as well as test scores.