Under-appreciated sport’s rules explained

AJ Lank, Editorial Editor

   In a state where there is hardly any ice, most of us don’t appreciate the intricate sport that is hockey.

   Here are some of the rules and regulations as well as some interesting facts that might begin your love of hockey.

   In the game of hockey, there are a total of six people on the ice from each team. The objective is to obviously score more points than the other team. A single game is composed into three 20-minute periods.

   However, if the score is tied after these three periods, a five-minute overtime is set into place. During overtime, the first goal to be made declares the winner.

   One interesting aspect of hockey is how the game can still be in motion as players switch in and out of the game.

   In the game of football, the play must be in a standstill in order to switch out players.

    But in hockey it is completely legal to just jump onto the ice during a play as long as there are still only six players on the ice. Many teams plan strategic times in which this occurs because it can be extremely dangerous.

   The rules and regulations of hockey are rather relaxed, but there are several interesting facts that might make your stomach churn.

   For example, when the first games of hockey where played, the puck was actually not a puck at all, but instead was frozen patty of cow poop. Yuck!

   While that fact might have made you nauseous, this fact might get you excited to go to a game. It is not commonly known that if both goalies for a team become injured during a game, anyone can play the position. Including someone from the crowd! Talk about being trusting!

   From the non-stop action to the slamming of players into the glass, the game of hockey is one that will most definitely keep you on your toes.