Senior recalls extremely eventful, busy vacation

Zachary Garner, News Editor

   Oh, summer; how we always look forward to you and hate when you leave. However, we love the act of thinking back on all of the glorious things we were able to do in the short time given. So, I hope everyone is prepared to hear about….. my craziest summer ever.

   Junior year always hits you hard, so when the three o’clock bell rang, I jetted out of the classroom and headed to pick up my sister from the middle school. We then took a road trip to visit my grandparents in Oklahoma.

   This was after huge storms had just hit them, so getting there was pretty tough, but we made it. That was one of the best things I got to do over the summer.

   The first week of June was Seussical Jr. I was a music director along with three other people, and it took preparation beforehand to make sure that everything was prepared.

   The first couple of days were pretty rough because everyone was tired, but the week got much better and we learned a lot in the first week.

   I then was able to go to a camp called Creative Arts Academy. It is a music, technical, and improv-based camp where you learn how to work with other musicians and also learn a lot about the different aspects that go into music and the technology behind it.

   What is summer without a great road trip? My family and I went to many different national monuments while on our way to Seattle.

We were going to see my aunt.

   We stopped at the Badlands, Wall Drug, Mount Rushmore, and also took a trip to Canada. The biggest part of the trip was going to Yellowstone National Park, where we spent two days, but it was definitely worth it. We have not gone on vacation in a few years, so it was nice to get out and see the country.

   My summer then went to nothing when I was stuck in town, other than hanging out with friends and helping out wherever people needed me. Then comes the most exciting part of my summer.

   I went to a church camp the last week of July. I was perfectly fine the first two days, but then Tuesday came along.

   I was playing a pick-up game of basketball when I landed wrong and broke my tibia and my wrist. I was rushed to the hospital and then life-flighted to Children’s Mercy in downtown Kansas City. I had it set back straight and then was put in a cast.

Now I am known as “crip.” Hope that goes away soon.

   So that is my summer in a quick little recap. I hope your summer was much more eventful than mine; at least I hope you didn’t get severely injured.