Past FACS teacher lambasts journalism staffers

Kayla Taylor, 2018-2019 FACS teacher

Dear Editor of Cat Tracks,

   I was pleased to see an opinion piece featured on the front page of last year’s paper on the topic of life preparation. Pointing out students’ needs and feelings on this topic is a great conversation starter, so let’s have one.

   Jordan Torrez was quoted in the paper and said he didn’t know how to do taxes or get a mortgage. I wonder if he took Mrs. Brown’s or Mrs. Hansen’s Consumer and Personal Finance class?

   Aliyah and Paige had concerns about cooking on their own, but did they take Culinary Essentials, Nutrition and Wellness, or another foods class?

   Many of your classmates and peers focus on getting to college and taking courses that will enhance their resume and transcript, but not classes that prepare them for other parts of their future. We offer these courses at BHS, many of them!

   Perhaps you could have offered some solutions to the problem that was indicated in the article?

   The article felt misleading. It made me feel like BHS does not offer any of the content areas that the author listed in the piece.

   Perhaps you understand how I may have felt a little slighted that it wasn’t indicated specifically that many of these courses are offered but not taken, especially since the cover photo was in my classroom we obviously have the facilities in place to teach this content?

  I would appreciate if you would share this message with your staff. Best of luck next year. I will miss reading your paper.


     Kayla Taylor (2018-2019 FACS