Editor gets nostaligic about old Netflix shows

Emmy Furman, Editor in Cheif

People have been watching Netflix for years. This streaming app offers a ton of shows to binge watch on the weekends.

    While Netflix does have many good original series and short series from other companies, there are always classics to rewatch when you finish a series.

   These classics include, Friends, The Office, and Parks and Recreation.

   These shows may not be staying on the app for long though. The Office will soon be taken off.

    Fans of Friends already experienced fear of losing their show just last year. Netflix paid millions of dollars to keep it on the app.

   Since the renewing just happened, we know it will stick around for a while longer, but The Office is leaving soon.

   I know I love to watch this show when I am doing homework or just want to scroll through my phone with some background noise.

    Personally, I am sad that The Office will be taken off because it was a classic.

   Do not get me wrong; I am not the kind of person to watch the entire show and cry at the ending, but the humor of this show was like no other.

   Obviously, I am happy to still be able to watch Friends, but that only limits me to one show to watch mindlessly.

   One thing that everyone can agree on, though, is that the third season of Big Mouth will be the best thing on Netflix since Stranger Things.