Staffer reflects on growing up

A.J. Lank, Editorial Editor

Memories: the one thing I can never have enough of. Lots of memories cloud my mind, but others are lost deep in my thoughts from the time before…the time before reality hit.

    You know what I’m talking about? We were little kids and thought that nothing could go wrong? Nothing could hurt us, because we were invincible? Those are the memories I like to try and think about; the ones where there were no differences between all of us, so there was no reason to judge each other or to put each other down.

   As we got older, we were shaped into who we are today because of our experiences, outside influences, and the trials we had to face. Now, we are all different. We are no longer the little kids who dreamed of becoming princesses or flying to the moon.

   We are Artists, Engineers, Teachers, Instagram Influencers, Mathematical Geniuses, Psychologists, Doctors. All these things we have set our minds on to be are who we have become.

   However, it’s important to remember memories from the time before because, if we don’t, eventually we will lose them.

   I want you to think about that for a second. Think about how much easier it was to be a little kid, how much each and every single one of us has had to face. Think of how much stronger we are because of it even it doesn’t feel like it sometimes.

    We have grown and developed into the people we are today. Seniors, we are going to be graduating soon and becoming adults.

    Living out on our own, going to college, not going to college, having jobs, getting married, having kids, all of this and so much more we have the rest of our lives to do. So congratulations, we made it.

   A couple final questions to think about.  Can you look back on these past years and say that you are proud? If not what can you do to change it?

   Remember the past years, the years when nothing really mattered, how much you have grown, and how much you will continue to grow, because one day those memories might not be there for you to remember.