Junior comes Meowt Pt. 2

Emmy Furman, Co-Editor

Summer is out and school is back in, which means that it is that time of the year when students tell their stories about their amazing summer breaks. Not meaning to brag but I definitely had the best summer out of everyone.

   You may have heard that I was spending my time doing things like attending HOBY or traveling to Louisiana, but that was all a cover up for my actual summer activities.

   If you are an avid reader of Cat Tracks, you may remember the story Delani Nichols wrote about her home planet since she came out as an alien. I took a trip to her home planet to visit and find out what the planet is all about.

   The first thing I noticed was all the posters advertising the movie The Lorax. The people there really go crazy over that movie.

   I met with their king, the Golden Marshmallow, to talk about very serious and important issues that cannot be named.

   The king did tell me one thing that I can let all the citizens of Earth know, and that is that Dan is in trouble.

   As many of you may know she was sent here to bring up the ratings on the movie The Lorax, but she has failed. She has gotten very few people to watch the movie and if she doesn’t succeed to get the rating to go up at least a half a star, she will be sent back to planet Lorcat.

   She also needs every dog lover to become a cat lover. On Lorcat cats are the superior pet, and Dan came to share that too.

   So, from me and the rest of the newspaper staff we need you to help us out. Please let Dan stay on Earth by doing the tasks she has asked us to do.

   BHS and the Cat Tracks staff need Dan in our lives and this is the only way to keep her here. I do not have the money to buy my own F.O.S.T.E.R. to visit Lorcat again so no further negotiations can be done. Help us save Dan and always remember, LET IT GROW!