Veteran shares benefits of class

Abby Finlayson, Ad Manager

by Abby Finlayson

   Freshman year, I got a note that said I was referred to journalism. Honestly, I did not even know what the class was. I had never read one of the newspapers before then.

   While enrolling myself, I put journalism on my schedule. There was a meeting including the next year’s staff.

   I was scared to be in this class. There were a bunch of seniors that I did not know… and I did not know if I was going to write good enough.

   My first year, I got the “Entertainment Editor” position. I loved it! I got to work by myself and put two pages together, which were the fun pages.

   However, the newspaper staff became a family. Journalism was the class that I looked forward to each day; it was a class that I could have fun in.

   I decided to be in journalism my junior year also. I had so much fun sophomore year, I thought junior year would be the same. This year, some of my friends joined into the class also.

   There were only three veterans this year: Dakota, Daniel and I. Everyone else in the family was new; it was like we adopted nine new children.

   I was the “Advertisement Manager” this year. I am glad I got this position because it is very laid back.

   This year was just like last, we became a small family. From watching funny videos, to discussing serious topics, we have had so much fun this year.

   I am sad to say this will be my last year in this class.

   However, I am so glad I got to experience this for two years. It was one of my favorite classes in high school so far!