Junior copes with staff craziness

Zach Garner, Sports Editorial

It’s the last issue of the newspaper, and we have had a great year as a group, but this editorial is also about the bad things that happened this year.

   There were many moments when we all knew that things had gone too far, and we should not have pushed it any more, but we did.

   There were a lot of newbies this year on staff, and there were a lot of things that we did that would not pass in the real world, like yell at each other over the smallest things.

   I learned to work with all manner of people.  Sigh.

   Another crazy thing that started this year is Seth eating gluten if we guess the right number.

   It happens anytime someone has any type of food with gluten in it, and it needs to stop. It is Sethel’s life, but you cannot push the line every day, because the bad juju could strike at any moment.

   Another crazy issue we had were the fights that happened behind the curtain that no one saw. It may not have been loud, but people’s lives and dreams were crushed during the aftermath.

   It could start as a simple argument, but people can throw “punches” halfway through the actual argument. It could be over stories, music, etc.

   As you have learned about or family, we have a pretty crazy side to us, but we are also very used to love and support when we need it.