Staffer disagrees with Trump’s emergency declaration

Daniel Gifford, Editor-in-Cheif

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Good morning, BHS, and welcome to another segment of Carpe Daniel. For my latest installment, I’ve decided to use my Balance of Power Commentary paper from Mr. Over’s Honor’s Government class. God bless America, y’all.

   Some 200 years ago, our founding fathers wrote one of the most magnificent pieces of writing to ever grace this good Earth: The Constitution.

   In the Constitution, the branches of the government were set up with checks and balances. This was done in order to ensure that no part of the government, or the government as a whole, would ever be more powerful than the people or seek to control them.

   From those early days, U.S. politics has forever been a maelstrom of drama, scandal, and otherwise migraine-inducing atmosphere. Presidents throughout history have tested the mettle of the law and of those who wield it, and they have lost, like Nixon and Clinton. Almost every president, despite moral standing, has had his share of controversy and hardship.

   President Trump is no different, though his presidency has seemed to be one of the most superfluous, dramatic, tumultuous, and controversial administrations we have ever seen. Regardless of my political standings, I believe that the president hasn’t done a bad job at governing this great nation; however, I think that President Trump’s declaring the “border crisis” a national emergency is, well, wrong, for several reasons.

   First, I believe that President Trump is using his executive power of declaration to achieve a political milestone. To me, this seems like an egregious misuse of power, violating the checks and balances set in place those many years ago and greatly overstepping the bounds of morality.

   Do I believe that this is illegal? No. Do I think he is unfit for office? No. Do I believe that the president is a business man making a business move?

   Yes. I believe that this is one of the areas he has gone wrong in. While I believe that a little mixing the hat is good for our country, President Trump is still the president, and I believe that his conduct should be more befitting of such a title.

   While I do believe that we should have increased border security, and yes, I am not opposed to a wall, the way the president is accumulating the funds is simply wrong. If he cannot acquire the funds necessary for his plan, then that’s the way it is. I believe that instead of declaring a national emergency, he should keep negotiating with the Democrats and build a relationship with Speaker Pelosi.

   She is becoming more willing to compromise with the president, and if the president can reciprocate, both parties can work together to accomplish some of their party goals and goals for the country as a whole.

   In order to be a successful president, President Trump has to become more bipartisan and less brash, crude, and business-tycoon-ish and more like the average American.

   I believe that President Trump does care about Americans. He thinks that what he does is for us, but he needs to better understand the average American if he is really to be a truly great president. Daniel, out.

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