Social media can be cruel master

Zach Garner, Sports Editor

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When life drags you down, what is the number one thing people go to? Social Media. People all the time look at other people and see everything that is going well in their lives and wonder why they never get those chances.

   What I have learned from this is people are very hurt, and when they see other people having fun, they turn to the wrong things.

   All of the time I see people who post about being depressed and also how people make them feel like they want to kill themselves, so what can really be done about this.

   Most people are trying their hardest to get through the hard times, so people are just surviving their way through high school.

   I have a strong feeling that this issue is a huge part of teen suicide and has to be stopped. Cyber-bullying plays a huge role in the 21st century and is also very frowned upon all around the world.

   Many speakers have gone to schools to take care of this issue and also deal with bullying in general.

   There have been surveys taken over bullying and also have to take the hit when teens are killing themselves.

   If we can take care of this problem forever, this era will start a huge revival and change the world forever.

   Bullying needs to be stopped and taken care of NOW! It may not seem like such a big deal now, but it will be in the future.

   Help me start something here in the school and change the world forever.

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