Anxiety threatens to overwhelm Burlington student

AJ Lank, Sports Editor

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I am Anxiety.

   I am the inability to set aside worry, the overwhelming fear that haunts your every step, the unwanted loop of thoughts on your imminent doom that plagues your mind.

   I am the feeling of your heartbeat about to explode, the shakiness that rages through your entire body, the restlessness that rips apart your sleep schedule.

   I am the weakness that encases every muscle in your body, the inability to think clearly and rationally, the obsessions that empower your every decision.

   I am the numbness that your body craves, the need to have order and routine, the thing that keeps you home all day, every day keeping you safe from the horrors of the outside world.

   I control your everyday life, locking you inside yourself so as to protect you.

   I instill in you the fear that is necessary for survival in a world that I swear is against you.

   I cause self-consciousness because everyone is against you; trust me, I’m depression deeper than the seas that can drown you within a second, and fear greater than one can even begin to imagine.

But, I promise I will keep you protected. I will keep you from dying. You will be invincible. Believe me; I know.

   I am Anxiety.

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