Students are under pressure

Haley Haines, News Editor

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   The one question everybody asks us when we’re younger is what we want to be when we grow up. At first we say doctors, princesses,  and astronauts. However, as time goes on and we age, we get a better understanding of ourselves and what we individually enjoy.

   Some kids may not even choose to go to college after graduating high school. It’s imperative that society and parents must learn to accept that this is okay; it’s just a different path.

   Picking a career doesn’t come easy to most, especially when someone has a love for more than one option. Pressures from picking a career can come from multiple different places including, teachers, peers, and most importantly parents.

   Everyone wants to do what they can to make their parents proud of the child they raised. I know I do. With that comes difficult decisions that sometimes you don’t feel like you’re in control of.

   It’s also important that parents do have a say in what their child does in the future, but when things begin to break down, it’s clear that the child has the final say.

   That’s especially scary when it’s your future in your hands. Most high schools can provide you and your parent with different resources and options to choose from that opens doors for students to benefit from.

Parents want what is best for their kid, even if that means it’s not always what the kid wants. Though when we pick or choose a career most of us are adults by then meaning the parent cannot force you to choose anything.

   When this happens, it’s crucial for the parents to step back and realize that their kid has to learn somehow.

   Parents will always be our biggest supporter, but it’s important to realize the kid deserves control in his/her life.

   It is also important for the kid to be passionate about the career they choose or it may backfire later in life. This will help the parents get a better understanding of why their kid has chosen a certain option, which could lead to a better outcome.

   Overall, the kid has to live with whatever they end up doing for the rest of his/her life.

   It’s vital to choose what feels best in the heart and not give in to the pressure that might be unintentionally put on them by other kids.

   Or whoever.

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Students are under pressure