Video calls pose unseen danger

Abby Finlayson, Ad Manager

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Apple products seem to be booming in the market right now. From iPads to iPhones, many people have invested in these expensive devices.

   Lately, something weird has been going on. An article was released that stated that when face-timing someone, the caller could see the person before he/she answered. The same goes with calls. Before the person even picked up, the caller could hear what is being said.

   According to an article by CNBC, even if the person does not pick up, you may still be able to hear the audio. Apparently, this is a bug within Apple. Is it really? Did someone hack into Apple?

   The way to start this spyware is to face-time someone. Before he/she picks up, add yourself to the group. Then you are able to hear the audio. Do not try this at home, kids.

   The overall problem with this situation is that people’s privacy is invaded. The person may be talking about something very important, and the caller could listen into the conversation.

   People have even been shutting off the face-time feature on their phones due to this issue. Apple has even taken the initiative to shut off their group face-time feature.

   The internet is full of conspiracy theories as to why this is happening. Was this on purpose or did someone just find their way to it? Truth is…no one knows.

   Apple has been accused of many things recently. Some have been saying the phones are always listening and videoing us.

   So, if you get a face-time, make sure these thoughts run through your mind. If you don’t answer, someone may be listening in on you, or even seeing you.

   Is it time to get a Samsung? Nah.

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Video calls pose unseen danger