Ridiculous decisions hurt Kansas City Chiefs football

Zach Garner, Sports Editor

The Super Bowl has always been a huge part of American heritage. But everyone around the Midwest still hates the fact the Chiefs lost the AFC championship this year to the Patriots.

   Here are some calls that should or should not have been made that would make or break the game.

   First, the refs were very one -sided when it came to flags and also made pretty dumb calls when they did throw flags against the away team. A couple of the calls made the game close, and also one call completely ruined the player’s reputation.

   This call was off-sides on Chiefs linebacker Dee Ford in the fourth quarter. That gave them five yards of leeway to where they were able to get into the red zone. We may have stopped them after that, but those five yards could have made a difference.

   Another brutal call was roughing the passer against lineman Chris Jones. Patriot’s quarterback Tom Brady still had the ball in his possession and Chris Jones barely tapped him on the shoulder, but he was called for roughing the passer.

   Some people feel that the Patriots were playing dirty and never should have made it to the AFC championship in the first place. The Chiefs had a chance to change the outcome of the game, but things happened that no one would expect.

   The Super Bowl for the last few years has been a little sketchy in my opinion, because most people cheat their way into the game.

   For example, take the Patriots. There were rumors of them deflating the game balls the day of the game and it changed the entire outcome of the brawl between the Panthers and the “Deflatriots.”

   Do we think Tom Brady has enough? Does he really need to still be a part of the NFL. Most people think he is a GOAT, but is he too old for the League?

   These are just a few things that the Patriots have done that have ruined football as we know it. It’s unfortunate that they have.