Discussion about passing away brings questions

Delani Nichols, Entertainment Editor

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I don’t really like talking/writing about deep things, but I felt like the time was right for me to put on my serious cap and let you, my fans, into my mind.

   This editorial topic is one that keeps me awake at night, death. Mainly thinking of the death of people close to me and my own personal death.

   It’s true, death is a very scary thing to talk about; but it is also very real.

   I don’t know which is worse, when you yourself dies or someone you love.

   When someone else dies, you are forced to wake up every day and face the fact that life will never be the same. You are also put up to the task of “coping,” which personally I’m not the best at. I choose to go the route of pushing down all of my feelings and focusing on helping others around me.

   On the other hand, when you experience your own death, others are faced with these trials. This completely stinks because I would never wish that upon anyone, let alone the people I love the most.

   I picked sophomore Allie Schneider’s mind about this topic, and she stated, “Death has always been a weird thing for me. I see it as a confusing thing, and yet still something comforting comes about because I know wherever I end up I’ll be with the people I care about in some way shape or form.”

   I can definitely see where Allie is coming from, but I’m not certain what happens after death.

   That’s what terrifies me the most, the unknown.

   What is the afterlife truly like? What happens to the people around me after I’m gone? Will I ever see any of my love ones again?

    Although none of us will figure this out till the time comes, we can all find comfort in the knowledge that we get the opportunity to make our time on earth worth it.

Parents want what is best for their kid, even if that means it’s not always what the kid wants. Though when we pick or choose a career most of us are adults by then meaning the parent cannot force you to choose anything.

   When this happens, it’s crucial for the parents to step back and realize that their kid has to learn somehow.

   Parents will always be our biggest supporter, but it’s important to realize the kid deserves control in his/her life.

   It is also important for the kid to be passionate about the career they choose or it may backfire later in life. This will help the parents get a better understanding of why their kid has chosen a certain option, which could lead to a better outcome.

   Overall, the kid has to live with whatever they end up doing for the rest of his/her life.

   It’s vital to choose what feels best in the heart and not give in to the pressure that might be unintentionally put on them by other kids.

   Or whoever.

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Discussion about passing away brings questions