Vaccines do save lives

Haley Haines, News Editor

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There are thousands of people all over the world who believe vaccinating is fake or dangerous and should not be allowed. I’m going to give you several reasons as to why you most definitely should.

   What is a vaccine you might ask? It’s a biological preparation that improves immunity to certain diseases. Diseases are not only dangerous for a person, but extremely expensive as well.

   As a whole, illnesses cost about $10 billion per year direct and indirectly. First glance at a vaccine may look “expensive,” but in reality, it’s cheap to prevent an illness and/or save a life.

   A lot of people refusing to get vaccinated are afraid that the vaccine they need to get to prevent a disease will actually end up giving them the disease. Anyone thinking this is missing the whole point of a vaccination. It’s made to ensure that you cannot catch it; plus, the substance isn’t active.

   There’s also a percentage of the population that believes vaccinations cause autism. That has been proven wrong that the ingredient thimerosal, in vaccines, do not cause ASD (autism).

   There’s an insane amount of parents who are not giving their child vaccinations. There’s obvious science behind this as to why they are necessary. Preventing children from sicknesses should be the parents first priority.

   If every parent stops vaccinating their kids, imagine the sickness being spread. Not only will it affect the child, but in turn, everyone that goes near him/her.

   Doctors and scientists have put hard work into figuring out how to prevent what they can. Anyone who takes it for granted needs to know the consequences.

   Just because a person is young, doesn’t mean they’re immune to everything, but the younger you are when getting vaccinated, the better chance you have of staying healthy later in life.

    Not only can vaccines prevent several illnesses, but even death. Everyone wants a chance at living a long and healthy life.

   All of these reasons should be enough for anyone to want to get vaccinated or to vaccinate kids. If not, you are at risk and could be responsible for death.

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