Newspaper mostly wins at goal-setting

AJ Lank, Sports Editor

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How many of you have a new year’s resolution? How many of you have already failed?

   Well, here in newspaper we know how to actually keep a one. We strive to accomplish the tasks that we say we are going to do.

   Take for instance our very own Alaskan adventurer, Dakota Jesse. She has decided to give up second lunch and third dinner. (Quote from “The Office”)  Can you imagine giving up food? Like wow, she is so hard core.

  Then, there’s Seth Jarvis. Our new and improved social butterfly. Seth is determined to become more social by at least 33 percent.

   He has already started his resolution with a bang as he continues to be more involved within the play community.

   Another person who started with a bang is the one and the only Delani Nichols. On the very first day of this new year, she resolved her resolution.

   She decided  to try a Sprite cranberry and she accomplished this in record time. Her final opinion on the matter was “It was life changing.”

   Our sassy yet sweet Kameron Cole started a face-tuning business, and she already has her first client. Emmy Furman.

   Zachary Garner, resident roach, accomplished his resolution in the short period of 30 seconds.

   After skiing, he chugged a 2-liter of pop in record time and even managed to not throw up.

   Next on the list is Abby Finlayson., the number one “it” girl. Her goal was to stay caught up on all of her Netflix shows.

   She has so far accomplished this very challenging task, but will she through the rest of the year? I guess we will just have to wait and see.

   As for the more challenging tasks, Allie Schneider, our emotional mess, tops them all. She decided to go a full week without crying. I mean can you say wow!

   It was a close call,  but she stayed strong and made it through the week.

   Daniel Gifford, our longest living veteran on the newspaper staff this year, made the determined choice to be even more annoying than last year.

   He is already off to a great start with his first accomplishment of the year; he allowed himself to breathe in newspaper. What is more irritating  than that?

    Emmy Furman ,  number one nice girl, is accomplishing her goal with flying colors.

   She has decided that for this year she is going to be even nicer to Delani Nichols every single day. She started off good with her first compliment of the year saying, “Dani! That sweater looks so good on you!”

   Hailey Haines, the girl that dyes her hair, has made the promise of drinking as much water as possible every single day. She is on a roll with a total of 5 cups so far.

   The last honorable mention is, of course, myself. I have begun my amazing journey of the new and improved life I live.

   Living with the motto of “One art a day keeps the snobby kids away,” I so far have accomplished this and am determined to keep it that way.

   Now, you might think I’m forgetting someone, and I am.

   Topainga Hernandez, the “not about that drama” girl, is the only one who was not able to keep her resolution.

   While she tried her best to keep her promise of not helping Kameron with photos, she failed with the flair of what one can only call someone with a huge heart.

   Even though she failed, we won’t hold it against her, due to our tight nit fam here in newspaper.

   Overall, since we are obviously better than those page seven people, I believe that we here in the journalism world will be going places.

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