Dogs rule domestic animals

Abby Finlayson, Ad Manager

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  Let’s play a quick guessing game. I’m thinking of an animal. This creature has very soft fur and an amazing personality. This animal is the BEST pet. Yeah, I’m talking about a dog.

   The only thing I know for a fact: dogs are better than cats. I do not understand the logic of a “cat person.”

   Allie Schneider, a sophomore on staff, expresses her love for cats in this issue. I, on the other hand, am here to show my over-the-top love for dogs.

   I, myself, have two dogs. One of them is a pit bull, and his name is Brutus. He is my entire world. The other dog is Bella, and she is a boxer.

   Also, I have a cat. However, she is not cuddly AT ALL. She won’t even appreciate me when I feed her or pet her. Cats are either too cuddly or not cuddly enough.

   Dogs, on the other hand, are always give the right amount of affection. Even if you’re mad at them, dogs will be willing to give you a nice, slobbery kiss on the face.

    Maybe I only like dogs because they all like me. Honestly, I have never met a dog that didn’t love me. Does that make me a dog whisper…?

   “My dog is so cute. She doesn’t have any teeth, but she smiles at me with her tongue. I feel like cats could never do that,” says Emmy Furman, a fellow dog lover.

   There are two sides to this issue,never to be solved. Cat people will be cat people, and dog people will be dog people.  Can a cat sit?

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