Cats make best house pets

Allie Schneider

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Cats, they are the best animals by my personal opinion. I don’t understand at all why people have to hate on them all of the time.

   These amazing animals are anything but evil or satanic.

   How did cats association with Lucifer himself start? They didn’t ask for that! Cats could be devout Catholics, yet some would brush them aside like trash on the sidewalk

   These feline friends are also extremely useful! They’ll bring you a whole bird just to show you how much they love you.

   “They are amazing and will come to you anytime you need them, but they also will make you work for love,” says junior Delani Nichols.

   Working for love is an important lesson to learn. You can’t get that from a human/dog relationship.

   Come on; just look at cats. They’re extremely diverse and can have varying amounts of fur, different eye colors, and even different face shapes. So if one cat breed doesn’t fit you then there are plenty others to chose from.

   Don’t even get me started on kittens! They are no doubt the cutest baby.

   For all of those cat-haters out there, I don’t understand how you can be such a horrible person, and I probably will immediately not like you.

   Try and learn to love cat; they might even like you back.

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