Was British princess killed by royal family?

Abby Finlayson, Ad Manager

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This issue there was a story about conspiracy theories. One of them produced a spark in my mind, so I’m going to further prove how this could be true.

   Princess Diana’s death was planned by the royal family. There is no possible way that one of the royal family members was in a car crash that killed them. Their security is way too high and skilled for that to happen.

   The first reason I believe this is because Diana actually believed herself that the royal family was planning to kill her. We know this because Paul Burrell, Diana’s butler, was given a letter from Diana herself. In the letter, she explained how lonely she felt because she knew there was going to be an accident in her car due to brake failure.

   Another element is that there was something wrong with the Mercedes that Diana was in. Many people also reported that they saw the car going unusually fast.

   Because of that theory, it is said that the driver, Henri Paul intentionally caused the crash. The was the head of security at the Ritz Hotel in Paris. However, many believe he was paid by the security services in France.

   Also, Princess Diana’s doctors allowed her to die. This is said because she was treated at the scene. Possibly, if she was rushed to the hospital and taken care of there, she could have survived.

    Diana also was having an affair with her former body guard, Barry Mannakee. However, after he was kicked out of royal protection, he was mysteriously killed. Weird, right?

   The biggest point to me is that Diana may have been pregnant. Her fiance was a Muslim, and Diana was going to have her child. The royal family, especially Charles  (her ex-husband) did not like the idea.

   Her fiance’s father, Mohammed Al Fayed, believed that Diana was assassinated. The man is a billionaire who has spent a lot of time researching this issue. Al Fayed also stated that he believes Diana was pregnant.

   There are so many other points to this situation. But, with this evidence, do you think Princess Diana’s death was planned?

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