Students are stressed, overworked, depressed

Emmy Furman, News Editor

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Students spend seven or more hours at school every day. If a students competes in sports or  stars in the school play, these hours grow even larger.

   Some students bounce between school, practice, and night classes through Allen County. That leaves very little free time and unwinding time.

   This doesn’t even count the time students need to finish homework, eat and get a decent amount of sleep to prepare for the next day.

   With the entire week spent on school, weekends become dedicated on housework and family events. Some students may even need extra weekend time to catch up on all the assignments they had.

   Teenagers also need socializing time, but heaven forbid they hangout with their friends. This schedule has us students asking, Why are we pushed so hard?

   School days last so long that home starts to feel as though it is just sleeping quarters. We spend all day in this building with no time for fresh air.

   The work never ends. Wake up, throw on some clothes, go to school, sleep, and finally repeat. It is all just one massive cycle.

   Students have no time to spend with their family or do the things they want to do, not to mention some students feel their classes are taking too much time away from their life.

   Maybe seven classes a day are too much. If school ran for even just an hour less every day, students might feel less stress on their shoulders.

   Is high school taking too much time out of students lives? We are left with no time to relax or even complete all of our work efficiently  and for some, the work seems worthless.

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