Staffer counters Lorax bigotry

Delani Nichols, Entertainment Editor

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On March 2, 2012, the theaters got blessed with a movie that not only has bops upon bops, but also delivers life lessons everyone should learn. Contrary to a very BIGOTED opinion, The Lorax is the best movie in cinematic history.

    The movie starts out with the iconic Lorax, voiced by Danny freaking Devito, on stage setting the scene in the most classiest of ways ever. It then transitions to the famous town of Thneedvile.

   Thneedvile is the perfect example of what the world may come to if we as a society do not start taking care of the environment. Although the citizens are singing about happiness in this town, it is clear that it is overly exaggerated to show just how easily the government can control us.

    I mean think about it; people are buying air. Air, something that is FREE, from a small man named O’Hare.

   Speaking of O’Hare, he is not just any ordinary bad guy. No, this man represents everything wrong in this world. It’s a classic example of rags to riches, except these riches are covered in sadness and spite.

    Not all characters are bad though, for example Ted. Ted is what all men should strive to be. He has taught me that if a man is not willing to put in efforts to make you happy, he’s not the one. Ted risks his life to obtain a precious Trufula tree. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s voiced by Zac Effron, no doubt the hottest actor in Hollywood.

   Speaking of good characters, we cannot forget the famous Lorax. That small orange being is the most loyal character in any movie. “He speaks for the trees” while also growing a luscious yellow mustache, which some people are very jealous about. They even may go as far as calling it “disgusting.”

   You know what is disgusting? Hating on a creature whose whole existence is to protect the world we live in.

   In this world, we have very few things to enjoy; cats and music happen to be at the top of the list. It just so happens that “The Lorax” has the best music ever. Not only are the songs catchy, they are also meaningful. “Let it Grow” never fails to get me, or anyone with a heart not three sizes too small, in the feels.

   “There’s a principle of nature that almost every creature knows; it’s called survival of the fittest, and baby this is how it goes. People who worship the Lorax are inherently greater than those who do not, therefore we will survive.” This was spoken by someone who loves the Lorax as much as me, senior Tyler Carpenter.

  My editorial may not be as long as Seth’s, but only intellects know the more words you speak/write the less people will listen/read.

   In the words of the Onceler himself……“Shut your Mustache!”

   Oh wait.

   You don’t have one; do you, Sethel?

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