Should teachers be rated on in-school performance?

Zachary Garners, Sports Editor

  High school teachers are always grading us, but what if we were able to grade them?

   We are constantly being watched by our teachers, and they judge everything we do. I feel times have changed, and we need to make a stand to even this out.

   College students get to grade their teachers at the end of a semester, so juniors and seniors in high school should also be given that opportunity.  It might help the instructors do a better job.

   Many kids are taking ACC classes.  Let’s start there, since they are actually college courses. (I’ve been told that we are allowed to grade those people, but I have not been told to yet.)

   Anyway, I plan on going to a university that will let me grade its professors, so this will let me get a feel for rating them.  Plus, I will pay more attention to how these adults work day to day.

   Of course, the administration would be the ones to look at our comments, and know what we go through daily.   I know they visit  classes, but do they get a true sense of what’s really going on?

   No one would be able to see these comments on the internet, though, like they do in college, because that is against school policy.

   Certain things that I would want to rate are did they completely cover the points they were making, and did they also make somewhat of an effort to change the way we think about the subject?

   I hope that people in high schools will consider this idea and make a change in school districts around the nation.