Blanket girls rule BHS runway

Dakota Jesse, Editor-in-Cheif

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As some may now know, I am a self-proclaimed “Blanket Girl.” Yeah, I said it, and I’m proud.

   Everyone knows the several Blanket Girls around BHS. These women carry fuzzy cover around the school to keep warm at any time. I, personally, bring mine because I prefer to wear shorts rather than pants, and I am too lazy to put effort in getting dressed every morning.

   Some of my Blanket Sisters include juniors Delani Nichols, AJ Lank, Megan Saylor, and senior Emily Whitney.

   Delani puts lots of thought into being a Blanket Girl. She owns many, but says it depends on the day which one she brings. Her favorite is her Christmas penguin design.

   Emily also has a signature blanket. It is a pink Vera Bradley with lots of patterns on it.

   Not only does it keep us warm, but bundling it up and using it as a pillow is a common use.

   By my side, the Blanket Girls have special techniques to staying warm and comfortable. A common wrap is called “The Monk.” This is done by resting it over one shoulder and the other free from the hug of the blanket.

   Another technique is called “The Maxi Skirt,” which is wrapping it around the waist in order to keep our legs warm. This is the most common when sitting on a cold seat.

  On the most tiring days, we Blanket Girls love to perform “The Burrito.” Wrapped tightly, this is like getting a hug from God Himself.

   Blanket Girls rarely share, so don’t ask me to welcome you underneath my blanket. If you’re not one of us, I feel bad for you.

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