Thespians outraged by new schedule

Dakota Jesse, Editor-in-Cheif

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As you may now know, this year the BHS Theatre Productions are only showing for one weekend. This is different to the two weekends of performances prior to this year.

   In previous years, the cast and crew had practice every evening the week of the performances to prep for the show. They ran it in front of an audience on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and the next weekend as well. This year, two performances are on Saturday and one on Sunday.  That’s it.

   Part of the reason for the change was that the administration thought students would be too tired to perform for two weekends.

   After running two shows on Saturday, I was much more tired than two weekends. Doubles are a no-go in my opinion. And currently,  Grease is scheduled in the spring for two shows on Saturday and two shows on Sunday; this easily could be avoided if we were allowed two weekends. Although I realize this is not possible for the spring, I hope this is taken into consideration for the future shows.

   The cast begins auditions and in three hardworking months is ready to put on several shows. In my opinion, one weekend is also not enough time to show off our effort.

   We can’t fully show the town how much effort we put into making sure BHS Theatre stays at its best, but two weekends of productions can do that.

   Also, instead of being able to improve to put on better shows for a second weekend, it’s already over on the second day of performing.

   I remember in All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten last spring, I messed up during my scene the first two performances. I perfected it the third show, but I was so upset I couldn’t run it a second weekend to show Burlington how proud I was to accomplish something so rewarding.

   Also, might I add, the theatre program would make more money if two weekends were allowed.

   Yes, the shows are very time-consuming and tech week is exhausting, but the performances are rewarding, so, Mr. Reed and Mr. Watkins, if you are reading this, let BHS show off its talented students by granting us a second weekend to perform in the future.

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