We should be thankful for what we have

Daniel Gifford, Editor-in-Chief

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“Before time began, there was the cube,” said Optimus Prime. I thought you should know.

   Hey, everybody! I hope y’all had a very spooky and altogether ooky Halloween. With Thanksgiving nearing, I am reminded even more than usual of all the many blessings I have to be thankful for; additionally, I’ve thought about what we all have to be thankful for.

   I realize that the world is big mess, and some believe it to be falling apart. I’m not here to say whether they are right or wrong, though. Because we live in an ever-darkening world, I have decided to write about the things that keep it bright.

  I think it all boils down to one thing: we live in the United States of America, which I believe is the best country on this beautiful Earth. We have an extraordinary amount of unalienable rights that many people don’t, and most of us take these for granted.

   We need to ask ourselves, Do we really appreciate our freedoms? Do we go throughout our days thanking God for the freedom of speech, religion, or assembly? Do we wake up every morning thankful for our warm beds, the roofs over our heads, and our loving families?

   Do we go to school thankful for the opportunity of an education? Do we go to church, or not, thankful that we have the choice to do so? Do we place our hands over our hearts and pledge to our flag thankful that we have such a symbol to represent us?

     I know that some of you are thinking things like, “this country is tearing itself apart” and “our president destroying our country.” To those of you are convinced of things like this, I have a message: you have no idea how lucky you are to live in America.

   Why? Some countries are being torn apart by seemingly-endless war and insurrection. Examples of this are Syria, Somalia, and Libya. Some presidents are destroying their countries.

   An example of this is, again, Syria where President Assad is attempting to quell a rebellion by executing chemical attacks on innocent civilians; in addition, he tries to pin it on the rebels, and in case you didn’t know, chemical attacks are labeled as a crime against humanity under international law.

   There are countless examples of why we should be thankful, and I have shared enough. If we don’t know what we have, and if we don’t appreciate it, then we won’t be nearly as happy as we could and should be.

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We should be thankful for what we have