Staffer plans to complete this column tomorrow

Zach Garner, Sports Editor

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You are all probably wondering when this article was written. That was about 10 seconds ago, bu qst it was not due for 23 minutes. This is the normal for some individuals on our newspaper staff.

   Newspaper takes procrastination to a new level every single day. We are the definition of that word.

   Examples include forgetting a headline, waiting to turn in a paper seconds before it is due, or printing after the due time.

   When asked how often she practices this activity, junior Dakota Jesse said, “I procrastinate not only in Newspaper, but in every class. It is an art.”

   Most time in classes is spent learning but not doing homework, which makes no time for us to get much done at school. Students say they are always busy, but we all now we sit at home on our phones or play Fortnite after practices.

     There are those few who work on homework after school, but where’s the fun in that? Time spent on homework is less time with our best friends–our phones.

   When asked about his opinion on people who put things off, senior editor Daniel Gifford said, “Procrastinating is life; therefore, to procrastinate is to live. My name is Daniel Gifford and I support this message.”

   People continue this habit in their real lives by not turning in taxes on time or not paying for parking tickets and then going to jail.

   Final thoughts:

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Staffer plans to complete this column tomorrow