Potential drug test ignites debate, anxiety in students

Emmy Furman, News Editor

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Students at BHS have been on edge recently due to talk of drug tests. The staff has decided that the tests will be done, as soon as (and if) the school board approves of the expense.

   There are no specific details yet. Date and possible punishments have not been decided on, but they do know where they will buy the tests from.

   The company will be selling our school the tests for $45. BHS will not be choosing the kids who are tested; instead the company will compile a list of random students.

   Refusal to sign the release will result in not being able to be a part of any school clubs or activities.

   The test will be a hair test, and can go back three to six months of consumption of the drug. It won’t be testing for tobacco or alcohol.

   Of course none of these things are set in stone and any information can be added or changed by the times the drug tests start.

   Still, some students are not happy with the school’s decision. They think that it mixes their personal life with their school life.

   Others think that the tests could wreck our school sports teams, or there could be false positives. If a person takes prescription drugs, could it interfere?

   Also teachers are not being tested. Students think it is unfair for the staff to not be tested as well as the students.

   There could also be positives to taking the drug test; for example,  they would be helpful to stop peer pressure. An athlete could say, “I can’t take that; my number could be drawn, and I play sports.” Also most of our league is doing these tests, so BHS feels like they should also.

   Junior Delani Nichols has some advice for everyone being tested, “If you study for it, you’ll be fine. My quizlet is dnichols244.”

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