Outrage plagues internet

Seth Jarvis, Editorial Editor

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There is something I feel has become too common within our society. It’s something that happens all the time now and is starting to become a toxic part of the nation.  This is called “Outrage Culture”.

   Some of you may be asking “What is this?”The term Outrage Culture is kind of vague and it is a little difficult to define.

   I suppose the most basic way to describe Outrage Culture is a mob of people on the internet attacking someone whom they believe has done wrong. They’ll attempt to destroy the target’s life.

   They’ll reveal their personal information, attempt to get them fired from their job, work to destroy their public image, and take many more actions hostile against them.

   Once it happens, there is usually very little their target can do to defend himself. The mob will usually not accept his apology if he does. Eventually, the anger and outrage fizzles out and the mob goes somewhere else.

   What happens to the person that was targeted varies. Sometimes they come out just fine; other times they find their career ruined. They might find their lives still intact, but their public image is tainted and in some cases destroyed.

   With this, I am left with a simple question, why? Nothing is ever truly achieved with this. All that really happens is a mob of people decide someone is the publc enemy #1. Even if they succeed, no problems have been solved.

   This brings me to my next point. There are plenty of terrible things going on in the world. Outrage Culture distracts from these issues.

   People are directing their anger towards what is ultimately a non-issue. There are times when they may feel they are going after some form of injustice, but in reality they are simply attacking an innocent.

   We can even see the effects of Outrage Culture in the real world now as well. In colleges, speakers will often be shut down by a mob of people. Political violence between the right and left is becoming more common in the United States.

   The more extreme members of both of these groups seem unwilling to talk to each other. They both seem to view each other as the enemy and not a fellow countryman who simply has a different opinion.

   I am left worried as to where this will lead us as a country.  It seems that our society is slowly degrading as it grow more powerful. The influence of it must be destroyed.

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