New editors enjoy page layout woes

Seth Jarvis and Allie Schneider, Editorial Editors

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As we complete our very first addition of Cat Tracks, we thought you might like a little insight into what we have gone through.

The two of us are newbies and though we went through a month straight of learning what to do… we are kind of clueless.

We started our layouts like any of the other staffers but were quickly faced with a horrible dilemma, TOO MUCH ROOM.

Now this was the opposite of everyone else’s problems, so we were lucky enough to get a few ads to kill space.

Yet here we are, writing a filler story because our reporters like to write short single-sentence paragraphs!

We hope that next time doesn’t bring this same problem, but who knows? We could easily have to write another one of these stories to fill our space.

Or perhaps one of you would like to write a letter to the editor, because we really really really really really love it when we get real articles to respond to.

After all it is YOUR newspaper, and we want you to have a part of it.

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New editors enjoy page layout woes