Homecoming ‘equality’ unacceptable

Delani Nichols, Entertainment Editor

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Imagine this; it’s Homecoming, and the candidates are walking down the field. There’s somebody from cheer, football, volleyball, cross country, and even band.

Wait, where is the captain of Scholars’ Bowl? The lead in the fall musical?

“Theatre allows the students who aren’t athletic to shine,” adds Holly Thomsen, one of the directors here at BHS.

Many of the members of forensics, Scholars’ Bowl, and theatre spend the same if not more time practicing for their competition. I’m not saying athletes don’t work hard or that they don’t deserve the recognition that they get, but it would be nice for other programs to get praised.

I understand that it would be a whole lot of work to allow everyone to be on the ballet, but the kids who put in all this effort deserve to be praised, and honestly, we’re a small school, so what’s a little more typing?

For example, senior Sarah Unruh has a 4.0 GPA and is heavily involved, but once she’s not in sports or band, she is not allowed to fulfil her fantasy of walking down the field in a pretty dress in front of the whole school.

It might be more work but kids like Sarah deserve to be recognized.

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Homecoming ‘equality’ unacceptable