American economics better than alternatives

Branden Alford, Editor-in-chief

Have you ever been sitting in the greatest nation the world has ever seen and thought, “You know, this whole successful capitalism thing isn’t really working out for me… there has got to be a way to change

this!” Well, you’re in luck! Socialism in America is clearly the best option for destroying our comfortable standard of living and the economic strength in America today.

   Are you tired of taking home the larger percentage of the pay made from a day at work? Socialism will solve the problem of excess cash by taking anywhere from 60-90 percent of Americans paycheck in taxes.

   Is capitalistic competition too much to handle because you never won anything in your entire life, and, thus, have an ax to grind against any sort of situation where there may be a loser? Never fear!

   With the elimination of capitalism, competition will be a thing of the past. Soon, there will be no incentive for product improvement and lower prices for anything. Higher prices for everybody is always a great option.

   Is succeeding as a nation economically unacceptable? Instituting an economic platform that has literally

never succeeded should solve this issue.

   Are private property rights repressive and outdated? Eliminating private property rights is the only means to create a truly equal society, as we all must share everything in order to understand true community.

   Isn’t it just unbelievable that people’s hard-earned cash can be kept and used by them at their own discretion? Property redistribution will certainly solve the previously mentioned inequality by making everyone equal: equally poor.

   Property redistribution is a great idea! Still don’t believe me? Just look at Venezuela, where socialism has done wonders to grow a prosperous economy and a bustling and hopeful society.

   How do we solve the problem of an irresponsible government that is already wasting money and abusing their power? Give the government even more money and power then they currently have and expect them to do right by the American people! What could possibly go wrong (I’m looking at you, U.S.S.R.)

  If you needed one more reason socialism is the best option for the betterment of the United States, socialism is just one hateful phrase away from fascism.