Physical evidence proves existence of divine Originator

Branden Alford, Editor-in-chief

For me, a firm believer in God being the creator of the universe and everything in it, it seems completely illogical to me that anyone could live on the same planet as me and not believe in Him and His amazing power.

   So, seeing the blessing of my platform and the ability to speak freely as a student, here’s my shot at proving the existence of God.

   One needs look no farther for the first evidence of the Creators existence than the ground they stand on. The complexity of design evident in the Earth dimensions and location in space are so broad in the range of parts that have to work together and yet so particular and specific that a random, happenstance collection of particles is a virtually impossible explanation for the planets origin.

   For instance, the size of our humble, planetary abode is perfect. At just under 8000 miles in diameter, the Earth’s size and subsequent gravity create the only possible habitable atmosphere for humans.    

   If the Earth were even 100 miles smaller, our atmosphere would be impossible and, thus, human life would be impossible. If the Earth were any larger, the shear gravitational force of the planet would crush human structures and the ever fragile human body like toothpicks.

   As if that isn’t enough, Earth’s location in the cosmos is perfect. Our orbit sitting just shorter than 93 million miles from the sun allows for the precise 150-degree temperature range that humans can survive in. Even a minute fractional variance in our distance would result in the end of life on Earth. How could randomized floating hydrogen and helium atoms figure that math out?

   The human eye is an art piece made by an amazing Creator for his most loved creation. The sac of flesh darting from word to word in this editorial has the ability to tell the difference between seven million colors.

   I bet you didn’t even know there were one million different colors, little less seven million! Your eyes and the subsequent connection to your brain can process more new information in one instant than a bank of super computers could in one minute.

   Is that not impressive and impossible outside the grasp of a creator to see and put together?

   Also, the existence of God answers every unanswerable question science cannot grasp, including the origin of the universe. The leading theory today as to how the universe came into being is that a random floating cloud containing every single compound and element in the universe today. In one instant, this mixture exploded, coming to be known as “The Big Bang Theory.”

   What scientists can’t answer is how this theory follows the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which states that everything that has ever existed had a beginning and a source. Believing in the existence of God answers this question, as his hand set this action into motion as he created the universe with his hands paying careful attention to every detail.

   The existence of God is the only reasonable cause of our existence on Earth. God has to exist in order for Earth, the Universe, and really, everything to exist. There’s no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it.