Is phone compromise possible?

Abby Finlayson, Entertainment Editor

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   “Everyone, pull out your phones! It’s time to do some research!” I bet that is something you have never heard before. Phones in the classroom? Ridiculous…right?

   For years, teachers have been hinting at cellphones being used as a tool in the classroom. Whether it’s to calculate something, look up information, or even do a lesson, it can be done on a phone. The options are limitless with the screen teenagers have in front of them.

   There are many reasons as to how phones can be used positively in the workspace. In BHS, there are a lot of classes that deal with technology.

    In Mr. Vander Linden’s Advanced Media Technology Class, students are always putting their laptops to hard work. Could phones eventually take their place?

   Mr. Gilman’s Video Game Design  class also works with computers and programming. If cell phones were allowed in this workplace, things may be able to get done a lot faster. So many students complain about their laptops never working. The cellphones could be an easy replacement.

    Sophomore Mckenzie Dalby says, “Yeah, we are always using our laptops in class. Wouldn’t it just be easier to use our phones?”

   This is very true; teenagers know how to work their cellphones amazingly. If the teacher did not have to go through how to log into our e-mail 3,245 times, things would run a lot smoother.

  However, some teachers do not like that the students have lots of variety on the cell phones. For instance, Snapchat is not allowed while at school. However, there is a quick fix.

    On the student’s laptops, there is already a service that allows the school to block certain programs from being used. If the staff looked into this, it would guarantee that cellphones would be a great tool to the students and teachers.

   Teachers and students outlook on the subject is very different. However, could they agree to make our education better at BHS?

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Is phone compromise possible?