Hurtful caricatures must end; people should open minds

Jalyn Griffith, Sports Editorial

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“You are blonde which means that you are really dumb.” This phrase is so overused, and it is one of the most annoying common stereotypes.

   These “molds” that our world puts on people are horrible. Since someone has a certain color of hair, that does not mean that he or she is smart or not. Besides, most blondes aren’t.

     Another stereotype, for example, would be that nerds are the only students who are smart, which is not true. Many other students can be intelligent as well.

   It makes me sad that our society  has came to automatically thinking that a specific person is this or that just because of their looks. Also, one should not be told how to act by others’ opinions.

   Another label would be that someone who plays sports is not smart and is a jock. I know that this is not correct because I know of many bright athletes who do very well in school.                                    

   I do not believe in any of these really lame phrases because they do not mean anything.

   Everyone also thinks that band students are geeks which I completely disagree with. I see many boy band members performing at half time in their football uniforms.    

   If they were true, then I would be considered not very smart because I have blonde hair. Also I would not be able to play sports very well because I am intelligent.

   Parents always want their kids to be very well-rounded which makes it hard to do with all of these inappropriate phrases always flowing in the air.

   I hope in the future that these not very intelligent phrases can come to an end because people are breaking out of the “molds” they are put in.

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Hurtful caricatures must end; people should open minds