Dead trends rise again

Sarah Unruh, Editor-in-chief

   Once upon a time, the year 2018 decided to bring back some major fashionable items, and I, along with others, have decided to embrace them.

   First of all, let me start off with my all-time favorite thing: fanny packs.

   The fanny pack is due for a comeback when it comes to style; why wouldn’t somebody wanna embrace their inner soccer mom? I may have already owned a fanny pack for the majority of 2017, but who says it can’t remain in style?

   These items are perfect for those not wanting to deal with huge backpacks or strappy purses; they fit snugly around your waist and don’t get in the way of what you’re doing. With this dandy bag, you can always be prepared for whatever life throws at you.

   Within your fanny pack, you can store your equally fashionable scrunchies!

   Next, scrunchies are the best solution for people who are tired of skinny black or brown hair ties (which should be everyone). They add a big dash of color to any normally-boring ponytail.

   Freshman Allie Schneider owns eight scrunchies and loves each and every one of them equally.

   And lastly, another 2017 trend we definitely want to bring into 2018: Crocs.

   Sophomore Delani Nichols has always been a fan of the trendy shoes. “Kameron [Cole] and I are definitely advocates for the Croc community,” says Delani.

   In fact, Delani has even been noticed by the Crocs’ Twitter page. They even sent her a pair of complimentary socks for her positive post about #CrocsandSocks.

   All in all, I’m not normally one for fashion. However, 2018 is looking to be a great year of style.