Basis for morality/immorality defined by God

Branden Alford, Editor-in-chief

Can there be good in the world without God? Is there a basis for morality without an all-good creator?
If discussion on morality and faith easily offend you, then I suggest stopping now. In short, it is impossible for morality to exist without God existing.
As a Christian, the argument for morality is easy. God created everything, per Genesis 1:1. Also, everything done by God is perfect and good, thus meaning he created everything good. No one on the face of the planet would argue against the goodness of morality.
In the Bible, readers see how God clearly states right and wrong. One needs look no farther than the first or third book in the Bible to see a long list of wrongs and the punishment for these wrongs.
We call this world-view of black and white, straight forward rights and wrongs, “Objective Morality,” the truth that states that goodness is completely dependent on the rules and laws of the creator, not the created.
In other words, we cannot dictate for ourselves what is good and bad.
The opposing side to this argument, atheism, states that morality can indeed exist without the existence of God. They state that, as a natural process of Darwinian evolution, humans have evolved the ability to determine right and wrong.
This argument is all fine and dandy until you start asking questions. The first law of thermodynamics states that nothing can be produced from nothing. Therefore, there is something outside the bearings of the laws of science that has been here all along and created every single thing everywhere, including the “evolutionary processes” they speak of. They didn’t come out of nowhere.
Science itself refutes the concept that goodness can come from nothingness. Also, science refutes the idea that judgements can be made without an absolute power setting the standard. In essence, without God, there is nothing that we can use to determine what is good and what is bad because then there would be no set standard.
There is not a single idea projected by “scientific atheism” that cannot be disproved by science itself. Baseless morality is wrong, end of story.